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             Welcome to my Web site!


                 This web site is about the beauty of veneer, of the natural colors of wood, a very inspirational material, which is being underestimated and overlooked as a material for fine art. In reality, veneer is one of the best materials for expressing art, naturalness and beauty. Marquetry has to be treated as an ART not only as craft due to its expressivity.


             ART is my greatest goal, to express the beauty of life and warmth in every work of mine; I tent to perfection, museum quality art and I want every piece to be unique.


      All of these are possible only because every piece is carefully crafted and finished, the craftsman puts a part of him in every piece, and he works not only with his skillful hands but also with his soul. Every piece of work gets a special attention from the craftsman.


               Even from the beginning, every art work gets a special attention. The model is interpreted and the craftsman carefully chooses the veneers, the ďcolorsĒ, in fact ďthe lifeĒ of every work. The veneers must be well chosen so that the art is well expressed through them.


           The artist creates the model; the craftsman makes the piece, he crafts it.


           On this website are presented my artworks, carefully crafted by myself. I am a young craftsman who loves the beauty of natural woods, and also making art. It is an enormous and outstanding privilege for me to work with species of wood from all over the world. NOTHING can replace or imitate the natural beauty of wood!


              I want to talk a little about my artworks from this website. I work only by hand, myself carefully handicraft every piece. That makes every piece unique. I donít use industrial methods; Iím not using electric scroll saws. I learned that old methods are the best for creating marquetry. That handcrafting gives it soul. I learned that handcrafted marquetry works are much more beautiful and appreciated than those works made by machines, even though laser cuts are more precise.


           I work with 100% natural wood veneers. I think itís the best. I like it natural. I use different methods for crafting my works, I use knife cuts, jig saw cuts and for creating the shadows I carefully burn every small piece in hot sand. I prefer to frame the bigger works and for the smaller ones I use ornamental tape on edges.


           The lacquer applied can be shiny, glossy finish or mate. I prefer to use a glass shine finish, Nitrocellulose lacquer polished by an old method. Varnishing is a very important part in creating beautiful art.


                If you enjoyed looking at my site, write me. If you like one or more of my works and you think itís suitable for your house, write me. If you want to make a fine gift to somebody, again write me. I have the possibility to ship all over the world so it isnít a problem. The works arenít heavy at all so it shouldnít be a problem with the shipping costs.


          You can place an order at anytime.


             We will agree on the delivery deadline. If youíre lucky I might have the work ready but I usually take orders and after that I start the production of every piece. It shouldnít take too long, we will agree on the deadline from the very beginning.  Also write me if you have a model that is suitable for marquetry and you want it done. I can make murals and portraits also. Just let me know and Iím at your disposition.









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